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Indoor & Outdoor Sports Field Lighting


LED Sport lighting, whether for indoor or outdoor, needs to be as close as possible to actual daylight, even when playing at night. A high level of light is required for effective play, and players also want to have consistent light across the full playing area.


One press on the button and the light goes on or off. This is how we use lighting at home, this should be the way we can use lighting on the sports field. LED lighting is the proper solution. This sport lighting also offers further advantages: it gives uniformly white light, consumes up to 70% less energy, can be dimmed at any light level, can be switched on/ as desired at any moment and has less maintenance. Due to the characteristics of LED, it is easier to spot-focus on objects, so light pollution is minimized.

Direct to full intensity

Once the switch goes on, the light goes on. Whereas conventional lighting needs a warm-up time, during the sportsmen warm-up time, LED lighting doesn’t need to warm-up. So from now on, sportsmen will have full lighting during warm-up. If there is a break between two training sessions, the lighting can be switched off, to save power. In addition, the light level is dimmable from 5 to 100%. So you can make a difference in brightness between match and training level. Or if a half field is not used, turn on only that side of the field that is used. This is all possible due to central controlling.

Our sports lighting uses LED. Compared to conventional lighting, LED lights consume significantly less energy. In addition, an LED lamp burns significantly longer than conventional lighting. The difficulties of maintenance will be not your monthly nightmares anymore.

It gives a better light. Where conventional lighting is yellow and gives unequally distributed light, LED lighting is just bright white and the whole field will have uniform intensity. In this way LED resembles natural daylight in which colors and movements are easily observed and safer to play.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Up to 70% less energy consumption
  • 100% intensity in just a second
  • Bright, white light evenly distributed over the area
  • Adjustable dimmer light level of 5 % to 100%
  • Low maintenance
  • Control via central point or even smartphone
  • Hardly no light pollution for local residents


Lineair LED lighting systems are the most efficient performance tennis lighting available today. Our Direct lighting designs have been the gold standard for indoor tennis lighting for more since 2002. Direct tennis fixtures are by far our most popular lighting system requested. 

Our Technology

All Tennis Lighting fixture are designed and engineered specifically for the individual sports application to deliver superior performance while delivering the latest lamp technologies. Direct lighting systems can be designed to deliver light levels from professional to recreational tournaments. 

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